Privacy policy - GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2018) in force since 25 May 2018 establishes new rules for processing Personal Data within the European Community and regulating the export of Personal Data outside the EU borders.

Quanticlo takes the data and privacy of its visitors and customers very seriously and below we will provide more information on privacy and data usage on the website

Quanticlo S.R.L.S (VAT number: 01457760112), Via Vincinella, snc Santo Stefano Di Magra (19037) SP, mail:, Tel: +393921945800 is the owner of the processing of personal data.
The data that are requested and can be entered on our site and of which Quanticlo s.r.l.s traces are essentially:

Email address
Shipping address (Name and surname, street, house number, postcode, province, town and country)
Telephone number
Payment details

The data that Quanticlo get hold of remain within the Quanticlo team, the platform and all the useful and indispensable online tools to offer the requested services, such as order reception, order shipping, customer notification, customer alerts, customer service.
No data is sold to third parties.

Specifically, the data are used for activities of:
- Customer service: to contact our staff you must enter your email, also you may need to receive your details (address) to check the status of an order. In this sense, your data will also be passed on to the couriers we work with, always and only to allow the delivery of your order in the shortest possible time.

- Order reception: the data will only be required for correct order processing, all notifications relating to your order (order confirmation, order cancellation, changes, etc.) will be sent by email. In case of payment by card, the data will only be required for the correct processing of the payment between your and our bank, Quanticlo and its staff will never come into possession of the complete data of your credit / prepaid card

- Order delivery: in this case your address, telephone number and e-mail address will be used only for the purpose of allowing delivery in the shortest possible time, the data will be used by the courier and by the shipping management to manage and deliver the order, as well as that to update you on the shipping phases via email (tracking, order delivery, etc.).

- Returns management: in order to refund your returned order we will access the data you provided when placing your order

- Site monitoring: for Quanticlo it is important to understand what customers like, which products are clicked the most, in which days or time slots customers prefer to browse or order.We therefore use tools to monitor our site, the data are used only for statistical purposes and control, are not disclosed to third parties

- Additional services / notifications: the data of a customer / visitor, and especially your email, are used for various services that are used to improve the customer experience or provide important information. Examples of services that we use only notification in case of restock (via email), abandoned cart, sending newsletters. In this case the data will be used only for customer notices

Quanticlo S.R.L.S does not see the personal data of customers to third parties, furthermore it does not use the data for any functionality other than those listed above.
Quanticlo S.R.L.S does not use retargeting services and any request for personal data is strictly linked to the functionality and services of the site itself. Quanticlo s.r.l.s also undertakes to communicate and modify this text in the event of updates or changes to the company policy.

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